Glory of Iqbal

Delve deep into your buried Self, and find the clue to life,

If you cannot be mine then be not, but be your own;

World of soul–a world of fire, ecstacy and longing,

World of body– a world of gain, fraud and cunning;

The treasure of the spirit once gained is never lost again,

The treasure of the body is a shadow–wealth comes and goes;

In the world of soul I have found no Frankish rule,

In that world no Sheikh or Brahmin I have seen;

This saying of Qalandar* poured shame and shame on me;

When you kneel to another’s might neither body or soul is your own.

*Iqbal uses the Qalandar as a symbol for the evolved man who has realised in himself the truths of self-development.

Muhammad Iqbal 1873-1938