Index 18 June 2019

  1. Migration (Pakistan, A Modern History by Ian Talbot)
  2. Divided Families (Great Partition by Yasmin Khan)
  3. Pakistan after Partition
  4. Pakistan Navy
  5. Vice Admiral Siddiq Choudhri
  6. A Life Well Spent on all counts
  7. The Legacy of Mr. Jinnah 1876-1948
  8. The Misunderstood Premier
  9. The Kashmir Dispute (We’ve Learnt Nothing from History by M. Asghar Khan)
  10. Kashmir 1947-48 (The Untold Story of India’s Partition by Narindra Singh Sarila)
  11. The Pursuit of Kashmir by Zaib un Nisa
  12. Pakistan’s First Military Ruler (Ayub Khan by Altaf Gauhar)
  13. Pakistan’s Constitutional Past and Political Legacy (Ayub Khan by Altaf Gauhar)
  14. US Pakistan Relations 1958-63 (Crossed Swords by Shuja Nawaz)
  15. The Godfather of Pakistan (Tinderbox by M.J. Akbar)
  16. The Himalayan Border Dispute (On China by Henry Kissinger)
  17. The September War and the Tashkent Declaration (The Pakistan People’s Party by Philip E. Jones)
  18. Operation Gibraltar in Kashmir 1965 (Crossed Swords by Shuja Nawaz
  19. Pakistan Language, Population, Migration
  20. Pakistan Social Structure and Organization
  21. Pakistan: The Geopolitical Context
  22. Is Democracy in Retreat?
  23. The Pakistan Paradox
  24. Nationalism without a Nation or even without a People 17/4/2018
  25. Towards the Watershed of 1971
  26. Losing East Pakistan
  27. War Inquiry Commission 1971
  28. Pakistan and the Bangladesh War by Krishna Bhatia
  29. Dead Reckoning by Sarmila Bose
  30. Indira Gandhi by Usha Bhagat
  31. The Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship by Krishan Bhatia
  32. US and Indira By Krishna Bhatia
  33. Elections and Massacre
  34. Bangladesh Demographics
  35. Bengal Culture
  36. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
  37. No Afghan Policy Worth the Name (Pakistan—A Dream Gone Sour by Roedad Khan)
  38. General Yahya Khan
  39. In Fairness to Yahya (Pakistan—A Dream Gone Sour by Roedad Khan)
  40. The Promise of Democracy
  41. Rise to National Prominence (The Pakistan People’s Party by Philip E. Jones)
  42. The Making of a National Leader (The Pakistan People’s Party by Philip E. Jones)
  43. An Overview, The PPP Years in Power (The Pakistan People’s Party by Philip E. Jones)
  44. The PPP and Pakistan’s Year of Crisis (The Pakistan People’s Party by Philip E. Jones)
  45. Authoritarianism and Downfall
  46. General Muhammad Zia-uL Haq
  47. Despotic Islamization
  48. General Mirza Aslam Beg
  49. Benazir Bhutto
  50. Reconciliation (Reconciliation by Benazir Bhutto)
  51. Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination
  52. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
  53. Living out the legacy of his mentor
  54. General Pervez Musharraf
  55. General Musharraf’s Five Years in Power (We’ve Learnt Nothing From History by M. Asghar Khan
  56. Lessons we have learnt in the last 70 years
  57. Haqqani and Abbotabad
  58. US Pakistan Relations
  59. Findings made by the Abbotabad Commission
  60. The Past and the Future of Pakistan (Tinderbox by M.J. Akbar
  61. Weak State Strong Societies (Pakistan by Anatol Lieven)
  62. Pakistan State and the Islamic Challenge (Pakistan—A Dream Gone Sour by Roedad Khan)
  63. The Army’s Pakistan (The Idea of Pakistan by Stephen Philip Cohen)
  64. Constructing a Portrait of Pakistan through the Stories of its People by Pamela Constable
  65. The Pakistan Paradox
  66. The Summer of Crisis (Pakistan, A New History by Ian Talbot 2014)
  67. Islam Changes Everything (Pakistan, A Modern History by Ian Talbot)
  68. The Challenges Today, the Islamic World
  69. Muawiya the Umayyad, Imam Hasan, Imam Husain
  70. Key Characters in the Life of Prophet Muhammad
  71. The Heirs of Prophet Muhammad
  72. Battle for Afghanistan
  73. Strategy (On War-Carl Von Clausewitz)
  74. Purpose and Means of War (On War-Carl Von Clausewitz)
  75. Battle of Bannockburn
  76. Erich Ludendorff
  77. Miracle at Dunkirk
  78. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery
  79. Stalin and the Allies
  80. E. Lawrence on his role with the Arabs
  81. Voyager of Discovery
  82. Breakup of Yugoslavia
  83. Decision Points
  84. Origin of Colonial Indian Navy
  85. How war was precipitated?
  86. The Military Genius (On War by Claus Von Clausewitz)
  87. The Atom bomb had nothing to do with the end of the war
  88. Indian Navy
  89. Mohiuddin Muhammad
  90. Battle of Waterloo
  91. Mirza Nooruddin Muhammad Khan Salim
  92. The Great War 1914-18,
  93. Slavery under a different name
  94. Defending John Alexander McDonald Erases history twice 3/9/2017
  95. A Military Debacle by James Donovan
  96. Prelude to June 25, 1876 by James Donovan
  97. Henry Kissinger
  98. Battle of Gettysburg July 1863 by James Donovan
  99. Fugitives in the Land of their Fathers
  100. Chronology of the Battle of Britain July 10, 1940 to October 31, 1940
  101. The Causes of the English Civil Wars
  102. Voyager 1610
  103. Paul Revere
  104. Epilogue Paris (Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson, McClelland and Stewart)
  105. The Decision (De Gaulle, The Rebel) by Jean Lacoutre
  106. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill 1874-1965 (Blood, Tears and Folly)
  107. The Age of Napoleon (The Age of Napoleon by J. Christopher Herold)
  108. The Liberation of France (The History of the Second World War by B.H. Liddel Hart)
  109. Tribute to a Great Seaman
  110. Does History Repeat Itself (On China by Henry Kissinger)
  111. Success Upon Success-Post Pearl Harbour (Yamamoto by Edwin P. Hoyt)
  112. Crossroads (Yamamoto by Edwin P. Hoyt)
  113. The Wars of the Roses (KULTUR International Films, NJ)
  114. Sacred Contracts (Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss)
  115. Majid Khan
  116. Mercedes Benz Model 280